Tegumi  by Hanshi Patrick McCarthy

What is Tegumi?

A basic translation of tegumi refers to grappling hands. In martial arts the best way to describe tegumi is as a 2 person practise. These partner practice drills called tegumi futari- geiko (Te = hand or hands. Amongst its many interpretations gumi means tounite, cooperate, and grapple. In this context Tegumi refers to trapping and grappling with ones hands. Futari-geiko means contineous practice or flow drills.), as one of its main forms of training. Practice, of this nature, incorporates the reenactment of realistic attacks, i.e. chokes, grabs,bear hugs, etc., and a corresponding defense from both a standing position, called tachi-waza, and from the ground, called ne-waza with partners alternate roles between active and passive, attacker and defender. Through the practice of tegumi, the meanings and principles of the movements andpostures (defensive composites), integrated within kata, are revealed to the learner.

When practicing tegumi the learners apply various methods of stomping and kicking with the feet, checking, trapping, hooking and deflecting with the forearms and hands, bumping with the body, grappling, joint locking and striking the vital points with the knuckles, fingertips,etc., in a "continuous flowing" motion using relatively short drills consisting of defensive composites extracted from traditional kata. Concentrating on a limited sequence of movements enables the learner to become accustomed to the feel of the drill quite quickly and allows techniques tobecome a reflexive action. In this respect, tegumi training is vitally important because in an actual self-defense situation it is important that the execution of techniques is intuitive and automatic, i.e. made on the basis of reflexes; this reflexive response comes from numerous repetitionsof tegumi drills.

If you would like more information on Tegumi we have an excellent DVD covering over a dozen different tegumi drills including explanations and step by step instruction. Details on this DVD is below.

DVDPM01 - Koryu Uchinadi - Volume 1: Two person drills by Pa

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International Ryukyu Karate Research Society

Volume #1 "Tegumi Renzoku-geiko Nyumon"

Entry-level Kotekitai, Kakie and Muchimi-di

Two Person Drills

Not to be confused with Tegume / Okinawan Sumo

The flow drills unique to Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu are now available on digital step-by-step instructional DVD. The first in a series of of instructional presentations by Master Level Instructor Patrick McCarthy, this digital presentation introduces thelearner to the art of Tegumi Renzoku-geiko. Brought together by Patrick McCarthy, here are a series of unique drills, which range from checking, trapping, and blocking, to locking joints, twisting bones, seizing cavities & impacting specific pressure points.

Introducing the learner to the first set of 12 exercises, this unique practice is a must for all serious enthusiasts and transcends the boundaries of Styles.

Tegumi links fundamental technique to its corresponding defensive themes and application principles while identifying associated pressure points. One of the fastest growing new/old practices, Tegumi kicks open the door to discovering kata application withoutadversely effecting the signature characteristics of one's own style or system.

Approximate running time 90 minutes.