Shime waza - the art of choking and stragulationtechniques

Shime waza(Strangulations-chokes/Sealing the Breath)

Perhaps one of the easiest to learn aspects of application practices is the art of renderingan opponent unconscious, through either sealing the air or restricting blood flow, learning how to choke an opponent to unconsciousness is a valuable skill in the overall art of self-defence and one that should not be ignored. Handed down via kata, shime waza has, unfortunately, become a lostskill in the art of karate until recently revived through the efforts of McCarthy Sensei. Using assisted, unassisted and augmented chokes, McCarthy Sensei has gleaned a massive 36 individual practices from his study of classical kata into a remarkable two-person drill called Shime wazafutari-geiko. Seminars in choking and strangulation draw upon his work in this area along its medical implications and related techniques of resuscitation.

Shime Waza Volume 12 by Hanshi Patrick McCarthy (8th Dan)

Shime waza - Volume 12 is a unique presentation on the principal chokes and strangles used to cause intense pain, restrain and or incapacitate an opponent. Developed by myself [Patrick McCarthy] this highly functional two-person drill brings together no fewerthan thirty-six individual techniques providing learners of any rank or style with an extraordinary repertoire of kata-based application practices. How to choke efficiently Learn the ancient form of grappling Learn pressing nerves & sealing the breath Classical shutdown techniques ofimpending blood flow and air passage ways and more.

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IRKRS DVD volumes 11(Kansetsu waza) & 12(Shime waza) are no exception and are once again important training aids for any serious karateka and other budoka. These two DVDs make available to us a comprehensive resource on joint locking, tuide(grabbing, pinching, pressing and rubbing of nerves, tendons, ligaments, and muscles), and strangulation and choking techniques though Koryu Uchinadi's trademark two person drills. The techniques are masterfully demonstrated, shown in many angles and speeds by McCarthy Sensei's senior students.McCarthy Sensei carefully explains the anatomical structures being attacked and types of levers being used so that the student can learn to exploit the biomechanics and weaknesses of the human anatomy during the execution of a technique. In true McCarthy Sensei form, he relates the techniquesshown in the drills to the solo reenactments found in the kata, while continually encouraging the practitioner viewing the DVDs to investigate for themselves during their study of the material. An added bonus for those who like to know the Japanese names of techniques and their English languageequivalent, McCarthy Sensei provides the technique names for all shime-waza. I would like to offer my congratulations to McCarthy Sensei on an exceptional job on the new DVDs. Please keep them coming!

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Shime waza - the art of choking and strangulation techniques