PUNCH Black Diamond Shin Pad


Buy quality and professional Muay Thai Shin Guards with the Black Diamond Precision Shin Pads.

• AAA Rated with instep protection
• Authentic Thailand design
• Punchtex with plush lining
• Extra hard Armadillo injected padding

These shin pads are designed specifically for Muay Thai training, sparring and kickboxing. With a comfortable fit and velcro straps, these muay thai shin guards are built to last for years of intense training. The guards are light and don’t effect your kickboxing technique during training. Wear the shin pads during training to improve your kicking technique.

With a plush lining, the pads keep you cool during training. Available in sizes of small, medium, large, extra-large and extra-extra-large.

Take your training to another level with the Muay Thai Shin Guards by Punch Equipment. Authentic Thailand design and “Tested on Humans”.