Koryu uchinadi - Volume 8: Kata application principals by Patrick McCarthy

Two person flow drills


To view some of the techniques on this video check out our video clip demonstrationing Heishu and Kaishu waza


This video presentation is the fourth tape in our seminar series and highlights the December 2002 weekend course held in Hyuvinkaa, Finland.


An informal-style presentation, it begins with the instruction of Heishu waza; a unique solo drill bringing together the close-range percussion-impact tools (fist, elbow, knee, head, foot stomp etc.) commonly used in Koryu Uchinadi and concludes with its two-person practice. Heishu waza is followed by Kaishu waza futari-geiko; a unique two-person drill, which brings together the various open and empty-handed techniques commonly used in Koryu Uchinadi. Both of these drills are central to the fundamental curriculum of Koryu Uchinadi and are considered mandatory learning for students of this tradition. These two complex exercises are followed by a unique two-person escape and counter drill based on joint manipulation, trapping and seizing, which underscore the fundamental use of application principles exampled in kata like Bassai, Kusanku (Kanku dai), Chinte, Niseishi (Nijushiho) & Useishi (Gojushiho).  Following this lesson is a discerning examination of important budo koto waza (martial art proverbs) by McCarthy sensei as he illustrates both the calligraphy and penetrating philosophical meanings of “Bun Bu Ryo Do”; “On Ko Chi Shin”; “Ryu Sui Saki o Kiso Wasu”; & “Do Mu Gen”.  The lecture portion concludes with McCarthy sensei providing a pragmatic explanation to the enigmatic contrast between “Do” and “Jutsu.”  Following the lecture McCarthy sensei illustrates more brutally functional application practices from Kusanku (Kanku), Chintou (Gankaku), Niseishi (Nijushiho) & Seipai.  This tape concludes with Uke-waza; a three-part complex receiving drill, which links together the six fundamental “blocks” central to Koryu Uchiandi and highlights the hidden elements of checking, bridging & trapping. Required learning for all students of Koryu Uchinadi the uke-waza futari renzoku-geiko (two-person receiving flow drill) introduces three indispensable perspectives of training that are certain to improve your understanding of kata and its application practices.


Running time is 1 hour 30 minutes

Ideal for beginner to advanced practitioner.

2 person flow drills