Koryu uchinadi - Volume 6: Pain compliance through joint manipulation

Self defence techniques 


This informal video presentation is the second tape in a series of three videos highlighting the December 2000 open seminar in Antwerp, Belgium.


This informal seminar-style presentation continues on with the technical theories and application practices as taught by Patrick McCarthy. The tape begins with attacking the hypoglossal nerve, by locking the neck after bridging a hook punch, and is followed up by a takedown and ground control. The main body of the tape is dedicated to pain control through hyper-extending joints; it features fingers, wrist and bone manipulation as well as pressure points in the arm. The tape also looks one of the central two-person composites from Chokyu-gata, featuring a counter escape from an arm-bar. Packed with educational value, this informal presentation is not a step-by-step “how-to” instructional video, but rather, made for those who participated in the seminar for the purpose of reviewing what they had already learned. Shot with a professional digital camera and easy to follow, this informal seminar-style video presentation is not made with the same quality, as is an in-studio post-produced production. However, its low price also reflects this element, too important learning.


Running time is about forty-five minutes.

Ideal for beginner to advanced practitioner.

Self defence Techniques