Koryu uchinadi - Volume 2: Aragaki Seisan by Patrick McCarthy Hanshi

Aragaki Seisan 

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Patrick McCarthy; IRKRS Koryu Uchinadi Aragaki Seisan Volume 2

International Ryukyu Karate Research Society

Form and application of are now available on digital step-by-step instructional videotape (running time 105 minutes) The second in a series of instructional videos by Master Level Instructor Patrick McCarthy, this digital presentation introduces the learner to the Koryu Uchinadi interpretation of Aragaki Seisan; form and applications.

This kata is mandatory learning for all students of Koryu Uchinadi and teachers alike.

This DVD teaches you Koryu uchinadi version of Aragaki Seisan and is a step by step guide for the beginner to learn from. It also gives a breakdown of each technique with a flow drill corresponding to each move.

Ideal for beginner to advanced practitioner.

Aragaki Seisan