Koryu uchinadi - Volume 14: Ne Waza by Patrick McCarthy

Ne Waza techniques 

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Patrick McCarthy; IRKRS Koryu Uchinadi Ne-Waza Volume 14

International Ryukyu Karate Research Society

Volume 14 is a unique presentation on the principal ground-fighting used to cause intense pain, restrain and or incapacitate an opponent.  Developed by Patrick McCarthy, this highly functional & nbsp two-person drill brings together no fewer than 54 individual techniques providing learners of any rank or style with an extraordinary repertoire of application practices. At just $50.00 it is very well valued, and bursting with important learning, especially for those seeking out kata application-based practices.

Running time approximately 65 minutes.

Ne-Waza is not the principal source of Self-Defense used in the art of Karate, it is nonetheless, an indespensable component of effective fighting and also reflects a forgotten aspect from this arts early origins found in Tegumi.

Ne-waza is also something that every student of Karate from this art’s early origins found in Tegumi. Ne-waza is also something that every student of karate, irrespective of style or politics, should gain some level of proficiency in. As all of self-protection can be bridged together by the same habitual acts of physical violence they seek to address, winding up on the ground is sometimes an inevitable outcome. While almost everything we do in percussive impact-based traditions is to avoid ever going to the ground, if and when such a thing was to ever happen, taking immediate control of the situation is of the utmost importance, and it is at this point in time that ne-waza reveals its true value. I doubt anyone could dispute the sense it makes to be well prepared and never need ne-waza than to wind up on the ground oneday with the safety of your life or well-being left only to chance. Here's your chance to learn directly from a 5th-generation master of Okinawan Karate.

This is a must DVD for the serious martial artsit who wants to improve or expand their knowledge of groundfighting techniques.

Ne Waza Techniques