Koryu uchinadi - Volume 13: Nage waza by Patrick McCarthy

Nage Waza 

Patrick McCarthy; IRKRS Koryu Uchinadi Nage-Waza Volume 13

This is a unique presentation on the principal throwing, take-down and techniques of balance displacement. For the very first time ever this highly functional two-person practice has been made public. Developed by myself [Patrick McCarthy] this two-person drill brings together no fewer than fifty-five different ways of displacing an opponent's balance and should be considered mandatory learning by all. Nage-Waza provides learners of any rank and or style with an extraordinary repertoire of kata-based application practices. Balance displacement Classical Throws Take-downs.

While nage-waza is not the principal source of self-defense used in the art of karate, it is, nonetheless, an indispensable component of effective fighting, and also reflects a forgotten aspect from this art’s early origins. Nage-waza is also something that every student of karate, irrespective of style or politics, should gain some level of proficiency in. As all domestic forms of self-protection can be bridged together by the same habitual acts of physical violence they seek to address, winding up in a clinch is sometimes an inevitable outcome. While almost everything we do in percussive impact-based traditions is to avoid ever getting into a standing clinch, if and when such a thing was to ever happen, taking immediate control of the situation is of the utmost importance, and it is at this point in time that nage-waza reveals its true value. We doubt anyone could dispute the sense it makes to be well prepared and never need nage-waza than to wind up in a standing clinch one day with the safety of your life or well-being left only to chance. Here's your chance to learn directly from a 5th-generation master of Okinawan Karate.

This is an excellent 2 x DVD set teaching 54 different throws and takedown techniques with the first DVD giving you a 2 person follow drill incorporating all togther with the second DVD breaking down each individual technique with 3 different camera angles

Nage Waza